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Lubka Kolessa, Karl Böhm: Beethoven (Electrola, 1939)

Lubka Kolessa (19.05.1902 - 15.08.1997): In Oekraïne geboren pianiste. Studeerde in Wenen bij Louis Thern en Emil von Sauer, haalde haar diploma in 1920. Een succesvolle carrière volgde. Studeerde van 1929-1930 bij Eugen d'Albert. Vanwege de oorlog verhuisde ze naar Canada (Ottawa) waar ze haar pianistencarrière tot 1954 voortzette. Daarna wijdde ze zich aan lesgeven in Toronto, Montreal, New York en Quebec. Zeer geziene docente.
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Karl Böhm (28.08.1894 - 14.08.1981): Oostenrijks dirigent. Lees een uitgebreide biografie op Wikipedia

Ludwig van Beethoven: Pianoconcert no.3 in c op.37 (1800):
1  allegro con brio    15:59
2  largo    10:10
3  rondo - allegro    8:56
Lubka Kolessa, piano
Sächsische Staatskapelle o.l.v. Karl Böhm
78t 30 cm: Electrola DB 5506-10   2RA.4018~26
Opname 01-06-1939

Johann Nepomuk Hummel: 
4  Rondo in Es op.11
Lubka Kolessa, piano
78t 30 cm: Electrola DB 5510   2RA.4036

Opname 01-06-1939

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  1. Looking forward to this immensely! The Electrola recordings Böhm made in Dresden were so state-of-the-art and many are wonderfully memorable. The highly collectible and recommendable EMI set of reissues includes a volume dedicated to concerti, but I do not think this Beethoven 3rd made it on there.

    Hannsler has recently reissued much of the recordings from that period, including the wondrous and breathtaking Meistersinger Act 3, which has some interesting notes about the recording process they used. Highly recommend all of it, and always looking for more!


    (still unable to leave comments on blogspot sites with my Wordpress id, darn it!)

  2. I'm never too sure of myself when disagreeing with Squirrel, but I found Böhm's accompaniment rather dull & lumpy in places, particularly in the 1st movement. At least, he seems so compared with his soloist! I'd never heard her before but it's no surprise to see she studied with Sauer & d'Albert, she has a lovely fluent style which is a great pleasure to listen to. Thank you for letting me make her acquaintance!

  3. Can you restore the upload please. Thanks...