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Trio de la Cour de Belgique: Saint-Saëns (Columbia, 1929)

Vandaag een bijzondere opname van het Trio de la Cour de Belgique met het pianotrio in F van Saint-Saëns.
In dit trio speelden de volgende musici:

Emile Bosquet, piano (08.12.1878 - 18.07.1958): Belgisch pianist die les gaf op het Conservatorium in Antwerpen.

Alfred Dubois, viool (17.11.1898 - 24.03.1949): Belgisch violist, leerling van Eugène Ysaÿe. Dubois zelf was internationaal een zeer geziene viooldocent, Arthur Grumiaux is één van zijn leerlingen. Dubois studeerde op het Conservatorium van Brussel (bij Alexandre Cornélis), slaagde in 1913 maar bleef daarna bij Cornélis studeren tot diens dood in 1917. Vervolgens nam hij les bij Eugène Ysaÿe. Hij vormde een duo met de pianist Marcel Maas (1897-1950) en speelde vanaf 1925 in het Trio de la Cour de Belgique. In 1927 volgde hij Eugène Ysaÿe op als docent aan het Conservatorium van Brussel. Dubois was ook een bekwaam vioolbouwer.

Maurice Dambois, cello (30.03.1889 - 1969). Cellist, componist. Lid van het Trio Eugène Ysaÿe en het Quatuor Eugène Ysaÿe. Ysaÿe droeg zijn compositie Sonate pour violoncelle seul op. 28 aan Dambois op.

Alfred Dubois
Camille Saint-Saëns: Pianotrio in F op.18 (1864)
1  allegro vivace    6:24
2  andante    8:15
3  scherzo - presto    3:28
4  allegro    6:13

Jean-Philippe Rameau: 
5  La pantomime; l'indiscrète    3:39

Trio de la Cour de Belgique
78t 30 cm: Columbia LFX 10-3   (W)52019-26

Maurice Dambois
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  1. Thank you so much for this gem!
    I would be delighted to hear their
    Schumann (WLX 703-9) if you have it.

  2. I'm sorry - these are the only 78s I have from the Trio de la Cour de Belgique... Perhaps one of our fellow bloggers can help?

  3. I actually JUST got this recording (along with all the others from this wonderful trio) during my last trip to Ward Marston's, and I'm in the middle of editing them. The only problem is that one of the sides of the Mozart set has a lam crack for the first 30 seconds or so. I hope you don't mind my posting this along with all the others sometime soon!


  4. No problem at all! Ward Marston and your blog is top class, my transfers are not so brilliant as yours! My transfer has a hiss sound at the end of sides 2 and 4 which I can't remove with the technical possibilities I have. I'm looking forward to your transfers!

  5. Thank you, as ever, Rolf! Personally, I find more and more that all the unkind things people say about Saint-Saëns' music are true. Still, it's very interesting to hear this - and of course, I love the Rameau! (First and second pieces from the Quatrième concert in B flat from the Pièces de clavecin en concerts, 1741). Best wishes, Nick

  6. Prachtig! Bedankt veel!

    Ik hoop een dag macht het Petite Suite van Joseph Jongen die door Désiré Defauw of Jongen zelf wordt geleid te horen:

    Composer: Joseph JONGEN, Work: Petite suite,
    Date: 1930-04-30
    Catalogue: Gray
    CatNum: LFX84
    CatNum: DFX51
    Date: 1930-04-30
    Label: Columbia
    Performer: Orchestre des Concerts du Conservatoire Royal de Bruxelles
    Composer: JONGEN
    Title: Petite suite
    Num: WLBX 26
    Num: WLBX 27
    Conductor: Defauw, Désiré

  7. Could you please re-do this - I've tried to d/l several times. It LOOKS like
    it's working, but I get messages saying faulty encoding, and error occured
    during extraction. Thanks, Mike in Plovdiv

    1. I repared the link, hope it will function properly now.

    2. Sorry to report, only Rameau works. Tried via 78 toeren & from link in 78
      Collector Community. S-S still spits out error during extraction/filename
      does not match.... Thanks for trrying -m in p

  8. Tried again today, still get error messsages & file won't unzip. Wouldn't a short,
    simple link without the many special characters work better? Sorry to be such a pain
    in the bum.... Mike in Plovdiv

    1. Hi Mike, I checked the ZIPfile, which is ok. I also checked a download (the characters are added by 78rpmCollectors) and that also works. But for your convenience I added a Zippyshare link, so you can try that. Success, and have fun listening.

  9. Would you believe, damn error messages again!!!! Thanks for your special efforts, but
    I'm beginning to think this particular d/l is just plain jinxed. Don't know what my
    problem is,never had so much trouble with what is usually a snap before.... Ugh.
    Only thing as frustrating is the captchas I'm not looking forward to having to decipher. One of them always looks like it was done by a drunken typist on a machine
    with the wrong size typebars, which has been dropped on its head and is badly


  10. Tried again. This message was in recent comments on r/h side of page.w
    Unable to retrieve spec for HTTP error 403
    Zippy continues to show error while extracting+filename does not match. Nobody else
    seems to have had any trouble, and nor have I up till now -- from you and several
    other similar blogs....

  11. Thanks for this.

    As for the problem Anoniem is having, it's possible the special character in Saint-Saens name in the filenames causes that. The zip-file works fine for me.