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Guarneri Quartet: Polydor recordings 1929 (1)

Geïnspireerd door de uitstekende blog 33+45=78, waarop een mooie Homocord uitgave van het Guarneri Quartett uit 1926 is te downloaden, heb ik enkele Polydors uit 1929 van dit strijkkwartet verdoekt.

Daniel Karpilowsky (1895-1976), Russisch violist, Studeerde te Kiev o.a. bij Leopold Auer, werd in 1912 leraar aan het conservatorium te Charkow. Van 1919-1924 was hij leraar aan het conservatorium in Moskou en dirigent aldaar. In 1925 werd Karpilowsky orkestdirigent te Berlijn, waar hij het Guarneri Strijkkwartet oprichtte, dat tot 1934 bestond.
Hij vormde in 1937 een trio met Carl Friedberg (1872-1955), piano en Felix Salmond, cello. Had een grote carrière in de Verenigde Staten, zowel wat betreft klassieke muziek als meer populair. Hij speelde b.v. in het begeleidingsorkest op de vroege Capitol platen van Frank Sinatra.

Boris Kroyt, altviool (1897-1969): van 1927-1934 lid van het Guarneri Quartet, van 1936-1967 lid van het Budapest String quartet.

David Mendes voegde bij de Homocord post in een commentaar de volgende informatie toe, die ik zo vrij ben hier over te nemen:
The "biography" of the Budapest Quartet, "Con Brio", by Nat Brandt (the son-in-law of Boris Kroyt, its violist) reports that "In 1927 Boris joined the Guarneri Quartet. He was its violist for seven years, until it broke up suddenly during a tour of south America when the second violinist suffered a brain tumor and died after an operation." Brant states that the members of the 'German' Guarneri Quartet were "... Daniel Karpilovsky, first violin, Maurits Stromfeld, second violin; and Walter Lutz, cello. Karpilovsky, a native of St. Petersburg, was a student of Leopold Auer and had played first violin with the Imperial Russian Quartet. He eventually settled in the Hollywood, Calif., area. Stromfeld was a student of Adolph Rebner. Lutz, who was born in Cologne, had played in the Berlin Philharmonic Orchestra."
The name "Guarneri" was given to the now-disbanded quartet of Arnold Steinhardt, Michael Tree, John Dalley and David Soyer, by Boris Kroyt: the " was suggested by Boris, who had been in the Guarneri quartet in Germany. 'I give it you,' he said."

Het Guarneri Quartet bestond uit:

Daniel Karpilowsky: eerste viool
Mauritz Stromfeld, tweede viool;
Boris Kroyt, altviool;
Walter Lutz, cello.

Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart: Strijkkwartet in G KV 387: 
1  2 minuet   4:48
2  4 finale: molto allegro   3:46
78t 30 cm: Polydor 95320   B 29322/1    115/4 BV VI

Maurice Ravel: Strijkkwartet in F:
3  1 allegro moderato   7:43
78t 30 cm: Polydor 95321   B 29323/4    116/7 BV VI

Alexander Borodin: Strijkkwartet in D:
4  3 notturno   8:52
78t 30 cm: Polydor 95322   B 29325/6   118/9 BV VI

Download mp3

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  1. Fantastic, thank you so much! I never thought I would hear these - I saw the Ravel disc sold at a record fair in England for €40. I have been away, so sorry not to post comments recently. All the best, Nick

  2. Thanks Nick! There comes another post with some more 78s from the Guarneri SQ.

  3. Bravo! I consider this formation to be the
    'real' Guarneri, much like the Budapest led
    by Hauser.

  4. Oh thank you thank you thank you! I have seen these for sale on the internet and never knew if I would get to hear them! I terrific piece of lost musical history!!

  5. Thanks so much! Never heard the Borodin Notturno played so well. Just listened to the Mendelssohn from your other post - amazing. The Ravel is as good as Capet's, just different. Do you know of other sources to download sides or purchase a CD with selections from this group? Ironic that the present Guarneri Quartet (which I heard in concert and an open rehearsal) were "given" the name by Kroyt. They are so removed from the original it's ridiculous to compare them. I'm a quadriplegic, unable to play violin any longer. If I were able-bodied I'd be tempted to purchase a high quality vintage 78 player like one of "merrihew"'s (YT) which has ear-opening sound quality and search for 78s, although probably not economically feasible.

  6. I also think their playing is amazing and it's strange that only information about the American Guarneri SQ can be found so easily. Sad you're not able to play the violin any more, but I'm glad you share your opinion about the recordings with us. What is "Merryhew's" (YT)? I haven't found any CD's from this Guarneri SQ - perhaps my fellow bloggers can help you?

  7. merrihew (I misspelled it) is the user ID used by a poster on YouTube (YT). You can search YT for merrihew, look for by merrihew and click on the link to go to his channel. You, of course can click on the picture or title to go to that video. His upload of Elman's Tchaikovsky with Barbirolli opened my eyes (ears) to how good 78s can sound on old, high quality equipment, also the best Tchaikovsky by far.

    I go by 2ndviolin on YouTube. Please check out my uploads. I took the liberty to post the Guarneri SQ Nocturne. I hope that's OK with you. If not, I'll remove it.


  8. Hi Doug,
    Thanks for the info. It's ok with me to post items from my blogs, when you give the link to my blog, which you did in the case of the Guarneri SQ!

  9. File expired. Please reupload. Many thanks.