zondag 10 oktober 2010

Amsterdams Duo (Nap de Klijn, Alice Heksch) - Mozart KV 526 (1950)

In deze eerdere post is een recensie te lezen van Lex van Delden uit 1950 van deze Mozart opname van het Amsterdams Duo: Nap de Klijn (1909-1979) en  zijn vrouw Alice Heksch (1912-1957) op het Zwitserse label Elite Special. Een prachtige uitvoering die m.i. de tand des tijds prima kan doorstaan.
Als extra 2 sonates van Domenico Scarlatti gespeeld door Alice Heksch op een 25 cm Elite Special 78t.plaat.

    Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart: Vioolsonate in A KV 526
1  molto allegro   4:27
2  andante   6:54
3  presto     6:20
    Amsterdams Duo: Nap de Klijn, viool; Alice Heksch, piano
    78t 30 cm: Elite Special 7069-70 (4404-7) 
    Opname 1950
    Totale duur: 17:41

    Domenico Scarlatti: "Sonate in E 1./2.Teil" 
4  Sonate in E Kk.380 (ingekort)  2:44
5  Sonate in E Kk.?   2:52
    Alice Heksch, piano
    78t 30 cm: Elite Special 8982 (4485-6) 
    Opname 1950

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  1. I am so happy that you uploaded these and the other "Elite" records. I never though I would ever get a chance to hear them. The playing of de Klijn and, especially, Alice Heksch is something which others seem to also appreciate: the "prices" of their recitals on "ebay" as well as the prices of Heksch's Mozart concerto recordings keep increasing. Please keep looking for the last "Elite" recital: Creighton's "Discopaedia of the Violin" reports that they recorded Beethoven's "Kreutzer" sonata on Elite 7074-7077. Again, my greatest thanks to you from over here.
    David Mendes

  2. Thanks for your reaction! The 78s that I have from this magnificent duo are on this blog now. Perhaps somebody else can upload the Kreutzer and/or Mozart concerto? I think this duo is very underestimated - that's why I like to give new attention to them.

  3. Are these the same recordings Philips used for their 1956 Mozart issue? From the daughter of Nap de Klijn I heard they were recorded between 1951 and 1953... I have put one of the Philips Lp's on youtube, (little experimental video :-) Indeed very fine performances!!
    Greetings, (little) Rolf

  4. The link is not available, can you please upload it again ?