woensdag 23 augustus 2017

Armida Senatra, viool: Anton Rubinstein (Anchor Phonogram)

Armida Senatra (1888-1973): Italiaans violiste en dirigent. Leerlinge van Romolo Jacobacci (Rome). 
Ze speelde als 13-jarige al werken van Niccoló Paganini. Joseph Joachim (1831-1907) hoorde haar bij een van die concerten en vond haar bijzonder goed.
Ze speelde over de hele wereld.
Wie meer gegevens over deze violiste weet, mag aanvullen!
Ze heeft in ieder geval opnamen gemaakt voor Anker, Parlophon (1930, o.a. Vivaldi: vioolconcert in a op.3 no.6) en Decca. 
Dit is een Anker-opname, in Duitsland uitgebracht onder nummer E 9563, ik gok zo rond 1912-1913 opgenomen.
De Romance in Es op.44 is gecomponeerd voor piano solo, hier dus in een arrangement voor viool + piano.
Kennelijk is de plaat zeldzaam, op eBay durven ze er $149,- voor te vragen (er worden wel vaker idiote bedragen gevraagd voor platen).

Anton Rubinstein: Romance in Es op.44    6:28
Armida Senatra, viool
78t 30 cm: Anchor Phonogram E-152 A/B   04983/04897

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  1. Gosh, thank you very much - this is indeed an uncommon record. I guess this was the export label of Anker? Fascinating and lovely playing - perfectly sums up the 'old' style. There's something unusual about this version of the Romance - at least, according to the scores I could find online: there's a whole extra section at the start of the second side. I wonder if it's an arrangement not of the piano piece itself but of the song which was apparently based on the piano piece? I don't know, as I can't find a score. Or maybe it's just an undocumented arrangement. Thank you again for this and for everything else! Best wishes, Nick

  2. As wonderful as violon playing gets. What an incredible tone. A legato that magically moves from note to note and slides that were meant to be. Thank you very much for this post. I have no memory of where they came from our having heard them before, but I already had 2 rather noisy pieces were her playing. One of them Is a 4 minute version of the 2nd movement of Wieniawski's 2nd Violin Concerto. The other is a Berceuse by Simon. Did she record anything else, I hope?

    1. http://classical-discography.org/search2.php
      Here you can see that she made some Parlophone recordings in 1930, as well as a Decca.

  3. My post seem to have gotten scrambled. I think you can figure it out but to make it clear, I said I have 2 other recordings by her.

    On a different topic, someone who commented on my channel asked if a record by Elman playing Canto Amoroso by Sammartini, recorded in 1915, was available anywhere. He said it was the piece that made him want to be a violinist. I thought that if anyone would know or be able to find out, it would be you.

    1. Alas I don't have that Elman record. See http://adp.library.ucsb.edu/index.php/matrix/detail/200014987/C-14680-Canto_amoroso
      It is a single sided Victor 74392 / HMV 2-07912 recorded in 1914.