donderdag 17 november 2016

Hans Knappertsbusch 3: Liszt, Weber (Electrola, 1942)

Nog 3 78t.platen van de legendarische Duitse dirigent Hans Knappertsbusch (Elberfeld, 12.03.1888 - München, 25.10.1965), met opnamen uit 1942 van Liszt en Weber, uitgebracht op Electrola. 

Hans Knappertsbusch, Berliner Philharmoniker:

1  Franz Liszt: Les préludes    15:55
    Electrola DB 5691-2   
    2RA.5442-3; 2RA.5443-2; 2RA.5444-3; 2RA.5445-2
    Opname Berlijn, 12-03-1942

2  Carl Maria von Weber: Aufforderung zum Tanz    8:31
    Electrola DB 7647  
    2RA.5713-2; 2RA.5714-2
    Opname Berlijn, 12-12-1942

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  1. Dear Rolf,
    I probably have not paid enough attention to Knappertsbusch. The main thing I can remember about his recordings is how incredibly slowly he takes Beethoven's 6th Symphony's 2nd movement. The only saving grace is the bird call (cuckoo) section, which is amazing. The Weber and Liszt are both fine. Every version of Les Préludes pale in comparison to Mengelberg's. If you're not familiar with his version, make sure to listen to it. Thank you for this upload and all the work you put in to sharing music.