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Opera Orch. Berlin-Charlottenburg: Hans B. Hasse, dir. (Polydor, 1928)

Over de dirigent Hans B. Hasse heb ik weinig informatie kunnen vinden. Zijn naam komt voor in een lezenswaardige site over de geschiedenis van de Emile Berliner studio's:

The Austrian subsidiary Polyphon-Sprechmaschinen und Schallplatten GmbH is founded in Vienna.
Nordisk Polyphon A. S. is founded in Kopenhagen; in Stockholm the Swedish subsidiary is called Nordisk Polyphon A. B.
As large portions of the world-famous pre-war repertoire cannot be used on account of the divided rights of ownership between the previous British mother company and her German subsidiaries, a new repertoire has to be established as quickly as possible. Karl Holy, director at the Berlin State Opera House, and Hans B. Hasse, conductor and head of the recording department of the newly installed companies, work together with technician Walter Buhre and employees Blesche, Goile, Lehmann, König, Erich at creating a new, attractive catalog in a very short time. Nevertheless, it persists until the end of World War II. They are ably supported by Maria Ivogün, Emmi Leisner, Heinrich Schlusnus, Tino Pattiera, Wilhelm Kempff, Wilhelm Backhaus, Raoul v. Koczalski, Carl Flesch, Richard Strauss, Hans Pfitzner, Leo Blech, Herman Abendroth, and others. Recording sessions mostly take place in the music academy in Berlin-Zoo, in the Bach Hall, or the “Liedertafel”, Urbanstraße, in the Alte Jakobstraße, in the Beethoven Hall and in the Cinema Hall on Lützowstraße. These rooms are damped as effectively as possible by carpets and curtains. Until 1946, all insiders in this line of business are convinced that acoustically authentic records must contain no other sounds but those made by the instruments or the voices of the singers (direct sound). But then Keilholz manages to change this habit by introducing the lively acoustic atmosphere he had learnt to create during his years at the Reichsrundfunkgesellschaft by using modern broadband technology.
Robert Blanke is made head of the Hanover plant in his capacity of authorized signatory.

Via de CHARM database weet ik dat hij in ieder geval in 1927 en 1928 nog enkele Polydors heeft opgenomen met de ouvertures Zampa (Herold), Oberon (Weber), La belle Hélène (Offenbach) en waarschijnlijk een soort potpourri van Lehár-songs: Lehariana.

Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart:
1  "Le nozze di Figaro" KV 492: Ouverture    4:01
2  "Idomeneo" KV 366: Ouverture    4:05
Opera Orchestra, Berlin-Charlottenburg
Hans B. Hasse, dirigent
78t 30 cm: Polydor 19825  B61260/1   466be /467½be
Opname 13-03-1928

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  1. Hans Butze Hasse was born in the 1880th. He studied violin, one of his teachers was Carl Flesch. He did a lot of chamber music. In 1909 Hasse performed the Brahms violin concerto with the Berlin Philharmonic under the direction of Ernst Kunwald. No trace of him after his job at the Deutsche Grammophon. Maybe Hans Hasse (1855 - 1932), first desk violinist at the orchestra of the Berlin Hofoper from 1909 - 1924, teacher and composer was his father.
    Best wishes,

    1. Thanks for this information, Oliver!

    2. I also thank you for the info. I will upload this to YouTube soon and this will give me something to use as a very short bio.

      Thank you Rolf for this post of a good but obscure conductor.

    3. The best Marriage of Figaro Overture I've heard is Fritz Busch's from the ~1934 Glyndebourne recording. Hasse's version comes close.