donderdag 22 mei 2014

Victor Kolar, Detroit S.O.: Rossini (Decca)

In deze post een album met daarop de Ouverture Guillaume Tell van Rossini. Dit mooi uitgegeven album (no.157) met twee 25 cm Decca 78t.platen heeft op de cover een foto van Tell's kapel bij het Meer van Luzern, Zwitserland. "Guillaume Tell" is de laatste opera die Rossini gecomponeerd heeft. De première vond plaats in Parijs in 1829.

Victor Kolar (Budapest, 12.02.1888 - Detroit, 16.06.1957): Zijn vader was musicus. Had aanvankelijk les van Jan Kubelik, studeerde aan het conservatorium van Praag, had les van Otakar Sevcik (1852-1934; viool) en Antonin Dvorak (1841-1904, compositie). 
1905-1920: violist in Pittsburg Symphony en assistent van Emil Paur; en New York Symphony als assistent van Walter Damrosch
1906: werd Amerikaans staatsburger
1920-1941: Detroit Symphony, eerst als assistent-dirigent, later als chefdirigent
Als componist schreef hij o.m. een symfonie en diverse symfonische gedichten.

Giacomo Rossini: "Guillaume Tell" Ouverture:    11:34
at dawn - the storm - the calm - finale
Detroit Symphony Orchestra o.l.v. Victor Kolar
78t 25 cm: Decca Album 157   23156/7  93061-4

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  1. Hello Rolf

    What a pleasant surprise! Where on earth did you get this? Kolar made only a handful of studio discs for the American Decca company - all within a 2 day period in Detroit (June 18 &19, 1940)

    I was fortunate to find two (!) sets of his recording of Scheherazade. Both were in pretty poor shape- but I was able to get a fairly decent transfer from the combination of sides. If you (and your other followers) are interested, the results can be downloaded here:

    Zip file mono FLAC format 80MB. File includes scans of the album cover, first side label, album booklet, NYT articles regarding performances of Kolar’s orchestral works, and his Decca discography.

    Let me state my appreciation and admiration of this blog and the projects you offer. Such a great site!

    - Bill

    1. Thanks for your kind words Bill! So now I know the recording date, thanks for that information also! Do you have a blog yourself? Your offerings are quite interesting...

  2. Hello -

    I should have a blog but I do not. I travel for business much of my time so my transfer work is in 'fits and starts', not a regular pattern, alas. Also, unlike yourself, Bryan Bishop and Damian Rogan, I am not a very good writer, frankly speaking. The research and writing can put recordings in historical context, as interesting and important information as the discs themselves..

    That said, I did write an article for the 78community a few months back that got some positive notices. It was a discussion of the first St. Louis Symphony recordings, conducted by Rudoph Ganz, made between 1923 and 1925.

    Again thanks for this blog site - it is so enjoyable to come across so many important recordings at one address!

    - Bill

    1. Hi Bill, I read your article and I liked it a lot! Very informative and (in my opinion) very well written. I understand, a blog is time consuming... I don't think I'm a good writer, it is more concise listing of information.. Bryan, Jolyon and Emilio are very good writers in blog land... Thanks for your approval!
      Best wishes, Satyr/Rolf

  3. Very good album. Perfect sound wonderful music, but not the Giacomo Rossini overture: "Guillaume Tell", please please check and upload the correct work. Thank you for your attention.
    Muy buen disco. Sonido perfecto la música maravillosa, pero no es la obertura de Giacomo Rossini: "Guillaume Tell", por favor sírvase verificar y subir la obra correcta. Mil gracias por su atención.

  4. it is indeed the Guglielmo Tell overture, as it couldn't be anything else with that cover. ha ha ha, many thanks.