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Franz Schalk: Beethoven (HMV, 1928)

Franz Schalk (Wenen, 27.05.1863 - Edlach, 03.09.1931): Oostenrijks dirigent. Studeerde bij Hellmesberger, Epstein en Bruckner. Hij dirigeerde o.m.:
1888-1889: Reichenberg
1895-1898: Praag
1898-1899: New York Metropolitan Opera
1899-1900: Berlijn Königliche Oper
1900-1928: Wiener Hofoper, waarvan van 1919-1924 samen met Richard Strauss.
1904-1921: Gesellschaft der Musikfreunde in Wenen
1909-1919: docent aan de Wiener Musikakademie
In 1920 was hij een van de oprichters van de Salzburger Festspiele
Schalk heeft veel gedaan om de muziek van Bruckner onder de aandacht te brengen, helaas wel bewerkt met eigen coupures en veranderingen. In 1924 dirigeerde hij de première van de twee delen van Mahler's 10e symfonie. 
Franz Schalk heeft niet veel opgenomen: 
Schubert: symfonie no.8 (met Orch.  Staatsoper Berlin, voor Odeon)
Beethoven: symfonieën 5, 6, 9 en ouv. Leonore no.3 (Wiener Philharmoniker, HMV 1028-9).

Handschrift Beethoven Pastorale

Ludwig van Beethoven: Symfonie no.6 in F op.68 "Pastorale":

01  1 Erwachen heiterer Empfindungen bei der Ankunft auf dem Lande:
          allegro ma non troppo    8:17
02  2 Szene am Bach: andante molto mosso    13:44
03  3 Lusiges Zusammensein der Landleute: allegro;
       4 Gewitter, Sturm: allegro    8:37
04  5 Hirtengesang. Frohe und dankbare Gefühle nach dem Sturm: 
           allegretto    8:02         

Wiener Philharmoniker o.l.v. Franz Schalk

78t 30 cm: HMV D 1473-7   (5-0911~20)   

Ck 2854-2; 55-2; 56-2; 57-2; 58-1; 59-2; 60-2; 61-2; 62-2; 63-2

Opname 12-04-1928
Totale tijd:   38:40

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  1. It is very nice of you to post this recording, since it is indeed hard to find.

    I think Schalk recorded Beethoven's 8th rather than the 9th. So I think there is a typing error in your post!

    1. Thanks for your reaction! Actually, there is a type error in John L. Holmes "Conductors on record", but I should have checked... ;-)

  2. Goodness, I had no idea this existed. Thanks, Satyr!

  3. Great recording, thanks and greeting from the Czech republic.

  4. Hello Satyr!
    Great that you made available this and other great music documents from the past!
    But when i try to download FLAC/MP3 file I have Incapsula page with comment: owner has denied your access to the site. Any clues what to do?

    1. I have no idea: everything works fine as far as I can see... Perhaps try another time again: sometimes the connection seems to be a bit slow.

  5. Thank you Satyr; it's a real joy to hear this performance: and there are moments when Schalk just brings out a different orchestral line from what we're used to (there's a beauty in the 3rd movement) & it just sounds so weird to be made to listen properly to Beethoven again! I guess that might have something to do with him being old enough not to have grown up hearing Beethoven records, and finding his own sound from the score. Lovely! Thanks again!!

    (PS a transfer of this from an LP was also recently posted on's monthly downloads page: haven't heard it, but just in case you want to!)