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Wilhelm Kempff 2 - Beethoven op.31 no.3 (Polydor, 1935)

Wilhelm Kempff (Jüterborg, 25.11.1895 - Positano, 23.05.1991) kwamen we eerder tegen op mijn blog en er komen in de toekomst meer uploads. Lees bij mijn eerste Kempff-post meer over deze pianist, organist, componist en docent.
In deze post een opname uit 1935 van Beethoven's pianosonate op.31 no.3, uitgebracht op 5 plaatkanten: Polydor 67344 is een enkelzijdige plaat.

Ludwig van Beethoven: Pianosonate no.18 in Es op.31 no.3
1  allegro    6:16
2  scherzo: allegretto vivace    3:44
3  menuetto: moderato e grazioso    4:20
4  presto con fuoco    3:47
Wilhelm Kempff, piano
78t 30 cm: Polydor 67344-6  
Mechan. copt. 1935
Totale tijd:   18:06

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  1. Thank you so much. I did not know that this recording existed. John Hunt's discography lists versions recorded in 1932 and in 1943. I believe the 1943 recording was once available on a Dante CD (HPC 076).

    I wonder why Kempff recorded this work three times over a narrow span of years.

    Do you have access to Kempff's shellac version of Beethoven Sonata No. 15 Op 28 "Pastoral"? According to Hunt', there is a 1941 recording on Polydor 67860-67862. I would love to hear it one day.

  2. Dear Satyr,
    thank you for your wonderful blog.
    I am a fan of Kempff who gave piano lessions to my grandma in the 1920's in Stuttgart.
    Unfortunabely the two posts of Wilhelm Kempff (Polydor 1928 and Polydor 1935) have dead links on zippyshare.
    Please, would you repost the two recordings so i can download them?

    Thank you,

    1. How nice he gave lessons to your grandma! Have fun listening!