vrijdag 7 september 2012

Mediafire exit

Beste medebloggers en gasten, 

Mijn Mediafire account is in één keer zonder waarschuwing opgeheven. 
Al mijn 4 blogs zijn daardoor gedupeerd: ik had al mijn informatie op Mediafire.

Ik heb geen mail gehad van hen, geen waarschuwing, niets. In 1x de account opgeheven.
Zeer grof en onbeschoft.
Ik weet dus ook niet over welke uploads klachten bestaan. 

Ik heb Mediafire een mail gestuurd, maar ik verwacht daar niet veel van, als ze er zulke methoden op na houden.


17 opmerkingen:

  1. Hoping you will be able to resume blog, even if private.

  2. I'm shocked and I sympathise deeply. I wish I knew how to help. I have a feeling this is the future as imagined by Universal, Warner, Sony, Apple, Disney and all their friends.

    Best wishes,


  3. So sad to hear the news. I hope that your great blog can be resumed. I love your blog so much. If unfortunately not, could you please send to me your 78rpm flac files as attachments, which they are from 12th June onwards? Thanks a lot! My email address is petercodder@yahoo.com.

  4. This is absolutely cruel. Your blog dealt mainly with very old stuff and was interesting and valuable. It should not have been taken down. I suspect that certain figures in the industry are hassling fine bloggers indirectly. Meanwhile, thanks so much for all that you have given us and I hope that this was all some kind of bad mistake. All the best, Herb

  5. If we can't buy it from them we shouldn't listen to it.

    Starts with an 'f' and ends in 'ism'.

    Sad news anyway, your blog has been a source of fantastic music for me - music that i never would've been able to hear or even know it existed.


  6. Everybody thanks for the reactions! I think I'm gonna try another upload channel like Zippyshare or Sendspace.
    When I made my decision, regarding the "old" files, people can ask which files they want to download, and I'll restore those files first.

  7. Hi! Sorry to hear the news. Your blogs are a great source of amazing music.
    I've always wondered why none of the great "78 rpm" blogs use archive.org to upload stuff. Pre-1962 (or is it 1961?) recordings are, afaik, Public Domain in the EU and are regularly posted by Internet Archive staff, albeit usually in crappy transfers. And anyone can post there, in mp3 and in FLAC formats, among others.
    There's also the Free Music Archive, but I'm not sure they accept FLAC.

  8. I'm greatly troubled here in Philadelphia. There are many places to go on the internet but few as rewarding as yours and so much that you share - well - is almost beyond unique. We never knew it existed at all. You should be congratulated not victimised.

  9. Please stay in there. You have done wonderful work in restoring old classics neglected by everyone else. I am especially fond of your outstanding transfers of the original Budapest String Quartet recordings of Beethoven and Schubert and Haydn. Thank you for your service to music lovers everywhere.

  10. Sorry to hear that but thank you for letting us know: I will never open an account with them!!
    In any case, thank you so much for all the wonderful and hard-to fin music you have uploaded so far.

  11. I H A T E captcha, please get rid of it & get an easier to use anti-robot
    test! tOne of the words takes up to a dozen tries fot my alter Kacker eyes &
    brain to decipher. Looks like it was typed by a drunken typistd, using a
    15 pitch machine that's been fitted with 10 pitch type, and which has been
    dropped on its head and is severely out of alignment.

    On a happier note, glad you're back, and hope you gave those proctological
    orifices holy hell.

  12. Rolf - Such a terrible blow. You have the best blog I've seen or heard of. I hope things get back on track! As you know, I have been proud that you have allowed me to use material you have worked to produce on my YT channel. You have introduced me to players and groups I had been unaware of or didn't expect to ever find transferred. I look forward a bright future for you.
    Doug T

  13. I have just come back, after surgery and hospitalisation, to your wonderful, generous blog to find all your great knowledge, that you have so graciously shared, has been "wiped". Dutch was my first language till I was four so the blog held an added attraction and piquancy for me. I will investigate your next postings to find your solution to this heartless action and, no doubt Enjoy! as the bossy Americans demand. On a personal level, I spend a few weeks in Amsterdam each December visiting aged relations and often wonder if our paths cross. Is that him? Maybe that person?! It amuses me, sorry maar hartelijk bedankt, Robert van M

    1. Dear Robert, thanks for your reaction! I hope your health is ok now. I found a solution for my 4 blogs: I use different hosts: ZippyShare, the 78rpmcommunity, and for the 33 toeren a very generous Russian man offered me the ability to host. I live in Den Haag and work in Amsterdam, so who knows...

    2. Dear Satyr, Who knows indeed. My health "problem" was an ankle replacement - complicated and requiring a long rehabilitation. Still slow and one day at a time but a marked improvement. Thank you for your 'hope'. One of my old relations I visit in Holland used to work for Radio Hilversum looking after the visiting concert artists, amongst whom was Schuricht. She turns 101 on January 3rd, the day before my, less impressive, birthday. She seems to retain a wealth of knowledge. How accurate this is I would not know. I will take a recorder with me this coming visit and quiz her a bit more. I mainly ask about my family. The downloads are working fine again - except! - ja, an except! - the Budapest SQ 3 seems not to have been as popular and has expired. Sigh!

    3. Great - interviewing an old lady with a lot of memories...
      I repared the link from the Budapest SQ 3 (Dvorak).