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Eugen Jochum: Beethoven (Telefunken, 1938)

Eugen Jochum (01.11.1902 - 26.03.1987): Duits dirigent. Studeerde aan het conservatorium van Augsburg en aan de Münchener Musikakademie. Debuut in 1927. Enkele hoogtepunten:
1934-1949: Staatsoper Hamburg
1949-1960: Symfonieorkest Bayerischen Rundfunks
1941-1987: Concertgebouworkest Amsterdam, eerste dirigent 1941-1943 naast Willem Mengelberg en 1961-1963 naast Bernard Haitink
1959-1972: Toonkunstkoor Amsterdam, w.o. 36 uitvoeringen van de Matthäus Passion van Bach
1969-1973: Bamberg Symphoniker
Jochum verzorgde de eerste complete opnamen van symfonieën van Bruckner. Zijn platendebuut was in 1932 voor Telefunken. Zijn broer Georg Ludwig (1909-1971) was ook dirigent, zijn andere broer Otto was componist.
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Eugen Jochum

Beethoven schreef de 7e symfonie in 1811-12. De oremière vond plaats op 8 december 1813 in Wenen tijdens een benefietconcert voor de gewonde soldaten van de Slag bij Hanau.
Beethoven zelf dirigeerde. In het orkest zaten beroemde musici als Louis Spohr, Johann Nepomuk Hummel, Giacomo Meyerbeer, Antonio Salieri en Domenico Dragonetti. 
Het allegretto moest wegens succes gebisseerd worden. Nog steeds wordt het allegretto soms apart van de overige symfoniedelen uitgevoerd.

Ludwig van Beethoven: Symfonie no.7 in A op.92
1  poco sostenuto - vivace    12:20
2  allegretto    10:31
3  presto - assai meno presto    8:34
4  allegro con brio    6:56
Berliner Philharmoniker o.l.v. Eugen Jochum
78t 30 cm: Telefunken SK 2763-7  023466~75
Opname 20-09-1938
Totale tijd:   38:21

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  1. Dear Satyr, may I ask: do you have Cluytens conducting Haydn 104 on Pathe? I understand this is a fine recording. Thank you!

    1. Dear Maestro, alas, I haven't! Perhaps other bloggers can help?

  2. I cannot imagine that Warner, the owners of Teldec, formerly Telefunken, really cares about Eugen Jochum's 1938 Beethoven 7th - or any version of the music save, perhaps, Nikolaus Harnoncourt's as it is activally available and in copyright. This 1938 set, almost 75 years aold, is out of copyright and in all probability, is completely unknown to anyone at the company. Its master parts were probably lost in the 1953 flood of the Elbe river that destroyed many, though not all of the Telefunken disc masters. Even if the masters survived, it it highly unlikely that Teldec would be considering this recording for a reissue of any kind. Of course, this also applies to the other wonderful items you have posted here. The stupid 2005 ruling by the New York State Supreme Court against Naxos notwithstanding, one wonders what Universal, Sony, EMI and Warner are worring about. Other bloggers post valuable items like this to MediaFire, so why should you be singled out? My best wishes wishes for a resolution to this issue and sincere thanks for the valuable documents you have shared on your site. Good Luck in the Future!!


  3. I apologize for the strange spelling and odd capitalizations of certain letters in my previous posting. It seems that the automatic Google Translation engine is causing this, despite originally correct spellings. Thanks.


  4. Thanks for your reaction! You make your point very clear. The law has tightened in 2011 and extended the copyright for performers from 50 to 70 years. The copyright for composers is 70 years after their death. This means that copyright applies for everything recorded in the LP period. Records before 1942 are copyright free. Alas the record industry is not very interested in uncovering cultural treasures from the past: they're only in it for the money. Only a small group of listeners is interested in historical recordings, which is commercially not interesting for the record industry, so more artists will be forgotten.

  5. I jsut found this LP book in my house you think it has any value? Thank you

    groeten Paulo