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Budapest SQ 7: Schubert SQ 14 (1927, 1928)

Manuscript Der Tod und das Mädchen
Dit wordt de eerste post van platen waar ik niet zelf de transfers van heb gedaan, en waarvan de bron een CD-verdoeking is. We kunnen nu genieten van een mooie uitvoering van het Budapest Strijkkwartet met het strijkkwartet no.14 in d van Schubert ("Der Tod und das Mädchen"), een HMV-opname uit 1927, met grote dank aan Andrew! Bron van Andrew was een Novello Legend CD (NVLCD 903), die niet meer verkrijgbaar is. Bij wijze van uitzondering zal ik de transfers als .mp3 en .flac bewerken.
De bezetting:
Emil Hauser (1893-1978), van 1917-1932, 1e viool
Imre Pogany (1893-1975), van 1920-1927, 2e viool
Josef Roismann (1900-1974), van 1927-1932 2e viool; van 1932-1967 1e viool
István Ipolyi (1886-1955), van 1917-1936, altviool
Harry Son (1880-1942), van 1917-1930, cello.
Dankzij Jolyon weten we dat Imre Pogany speelt op kant 3, opgenomen in februari 1927; op alle andere plaatkanten speelt Josef Roismann, opgenomen in januari 1928.

Franz Schubert: Strijkkwartet no.14 in d ("Der Tod und das Mädchen") (1824)
1  allegro    12:09
2  andante con moto    10:03
3  scherzo: allegro molto    3:57
4  presto    8:21
Budapest String Quartet
Matrijsnummers HMV: Cc 10160-8
Opname: februari 1927 (kant 3); januari 1928 (overige plaatkanten)
Totale tijd:  34:30

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  1. Thank you so much for this and the previous Beethoven (and your earlier Haydn, Mozart and Dvorak Budapests). I like to transfer downloads to CDs and was wondering what I would use to fill out the Beethoven, and then here it was! Frankly, I prefer the greater animation of the Busch but it's great to have this fine pioneering account. And thanks also for your excellent transfer work. I'll hope for even more ...

    1. We thank Andrew for this one, which came from a CD! :-) Thanks for your reaction.

    2. One recording of the Budapest Quartet, from 1934, which has never been reissued on lp or cd (as far as I know) is the Quartet No. 13 in a minor op. 29, "Rosamunde" (D.804).

      It is available for downloading from the "Charm" database site in England which appears in your "links".

      I looked for it for years!

      Best regards from over here,
      David Mendes

    3. This Schubert from 1927-8 has all the original members except Roisman, by 1934 all but the violist were Russian, Roisman had moved from 2nd to 1st violin, and the quartet, though still good is not only a very different group with a very different sound and, to me, not on the level of the original.

  2. Outstanding post, Satyr! May you have many downloads of this one! Peter: I agree with you that this performance can't compete with the sheer drama of the Busch, but it has some precious features nonetheless. I would argue that the Budapest has greater rhythmic sophistication (listen to the thorny polyphonic bits in the slow movement; I also admire the tiny agogic accent just before the 1st movement recap- a totally unique interpretation) and it illustrates the profound influence of vocal art on string playing in the 19th century. I'm thinking of the innumerable portamenti; also, in the second variation of the slow movement, Hauser lingers on his high B natural in the same way a soprano might make her accompanist wait to play a cadence. For me, this approach makes perfect sense for the music of a famous lieder composer!

  3. Just some info on the recording dates of this great set as it took over a year to get this done. The 11th & 14th of Feb 1927 produced only just one side, the other 8 sides having to wait until January 1928 when the Budapest SQ visited London again. This means that Imre Pogany is the violinist on side 3 [i.e. the last part of the 1st movmt.] and Roismann on the other 8 sides! It is quite possible that more of the takes from Feb 1927 were usable but with the new line up of players they may have felt it was prudent to re-record the sides as Roisman's name appeared in all the publicity material.

    Cc10160-3 26 Jan 1928
    Cc10161-3 26 Jan 1928
    Cc10162-2 11 Feb 1927
    Cc10163-6 23 Jan 1928
    Cc10164-7 23 Jan 1928
    Cc10165-4 26 Jan 1928
    Cc10166-5 23 Jan 1928
    Cc10167-5 23 Jan 1928
    Cc10167-5 26 Jan 1928

    1. Jolyon, thanks for this very valuable information! I'll correct in the text above.

    2. Ed Reichenbach31 mei 2012 om 12:02

      Jolyon, thanks for this very valuable information! Satyr, thanks for the upload!

  4. Would you find it possible to provide a new link for this magnificent recording. Thank you very much for all your great work.