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Moura Lympany, Rafael Kubelik: Mendelssohn (HMV, 1948)

Moura Lympany

Moura Lympany (18.08.1916 - 28.03.2005): Engels pianiste. "Dame" sinds 1992. Echte naam Mary Gertrude Johnstone. Studeerde in Luik en in Londen, Royal Academy of Music. Debuut in 1929 o.l.v. Basil Cameron met hetzelfde concert als in deze post: Mendelssohn pianoconcert no.1.  Vervolgde haar studie bij Paul Weingarten (Wenen) en Mathilde Verne (een leerlinge van Clara Schumann en Tobias Matthay). Debuut in Londen in 1935. In 1938 werd ze tweede, na Emil Gilels, in de Ysaÿe Piano Competitie in Brussel, de voorloper van het huidige Koningin Elizabeth Concours. Een van de beroemdste Engelse pianisten van na de 2e wereldoorlog. Lees meer op Wikipedia.

Het orkest staat o.l.v. Rafael Kubelik (29.06.1914 - 11.08.1996), die we in een opname, ook uit 1948, met Ida Haendel op viool, al eerder tegenkwamen op mijn blog.

Felix Mendelssohn: Pianoconcert no.1 in g op.25 (1830-1831):    17:58
molto allegro con fuoco - andante - presto: molto allegro e vivace
Moura Lympany, piano; Philharmonia Orchestra o.l.v. Rafael Kubelik
HMV C.3838-9  2EA.13288-91
Opname 03-10-1948


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  1. This record is the next diamond in your collection. I like Kubelík's recording from the eras of classicism and romanticism, it's my favourite periodes of the classic music. The Ida Haendel record of Bruch and this Mendelssohn were made just shortly after Kubelík's exile from the communistic Czechoslovakia. Many thanks again.
    Jarba, Czech republic

  2. This was issued on HMV Treasury (I no longer have that LP) - but I think the sleeve mentioned (and you may not know this..?) that the Mendelssohn Concerto, in whole/part, was experimentally tape-recorded in STEREO:
    See 'Gramophone':

    1. Well- you're absolutely right - I didn't know that! Very valuable information! A pity EMI didn't publish the stereo recording - if there was so much improvement, why didn't they publish it?
      Thanks very much for this remarkable information!

  3. Thanks for this lovely performance of Mendelssohn - a real pleasure all the way through. A pity the sound is a bit fierce, but she plays so beautifully. And the side-joins (especially in the 1st & 2ns movements) are beautiful too - well done!!