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Budapest SQ 4: Mozart SQ no.17 "Jagd" KV 458 (HMV, ca. 1927)

Nog 2 posts met het Budapest String Quartet. Deze keer gaan we op jacht, met het strijkkwartet no.17 in Bes KV 458 van Mozart. Het is het vierde van 6 strijkkwartetten die Mozart aan Joseph Haydn heeft opgedragen. Overigens heeft noch Mozart de naam "jachtkwartet" aan zijn compositie verbonden, noch zijn uitgever. 
De bezetting van het Budapest String Quartet is dezelfde als die van post 2 en 3 (Haydn en Dvorák), dus:
Emil Hauser (1893-1978), eerste viool van 1917-1932;
Imre Pogany (1893-1975), tweede viool van 1920-1927;
István Ipolyi (1886-1955), altviool van 1917-1936;
Harry Son (1880-1942), cello van 1917-1930.
Uit de matrijsnummers blijkt dat het adagio de nodige problemen gaf voordat eenieder tevreden was.

Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart: Strijkkwartet no.17 in Bes KV 458 
"Jagd-Quartett" (1784):
1  allegro vivace assai    6:50
2  menuetto moderato    4:11
3  adagio    6:46
4  allegro assai    4:29
Budapest String Quartet
78t 30 cm: HMV D 1387-9 (08244-9)  
Cc 7854-II; 7855-I; 7856-II; 7857-VII; 7858-VII; 7859-II
Opname ca. 1927

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6 opmerkingen:

  1. Thank you so much for the wonderful series of early Budapest Quartet recordings, which reflect a more rustic sound than their more familiar remakes and later ones. Please continue!!

  2. Thanks for your approval! This serie of 5 consists of my oldest Budapest SQ records. Perhaps later I continue with my other Budapest SQ 78s.

  3. I consider the early recordings before the Budapest Quartet morphed from mostly Hungarians to all Russians to be the legitimate version. Wonderful playing on these pieces. I can't thank you enough for all the beauty you resurrect and share. One problem. The 2nd half of the 3rd mvt of this quartet, K 458, starting at 3:00+ is not properly linked with the 1st half and is at least 25 cents lower. Not having perfect pitch or checking I don't know which half, if either, is at pitch. I chose to go with the 1st half's pitch when I tried to fix it.

  4. Yes I know, but unfortunately I have not the possibilities for pitch control when during playing of a site there is a change in the pitch.

  5. Thank you for the wonderful early Budapest recordings, of which I have especially enjoyed the Haydn Op. 76 no 1. If you continue, please consider adding the Schubert A minor "op. 29" and the Haydn Op. 54 no 1, both recorded a few years later. These have never been transferred, I believe. Karl Schrom, Connecticut USA

  6. Thanks for your reaction. unfortunately I don't have the records you mention, but perhaps other bloggers can upload your requests.