maandag 14 november 2011

Sir Hamilton Harty, Hallé Orch. 2: Mozart (Columbia, 1926)

Sir Hamilton Harty (1879-1941): Iers componist, dirigent, pianist, organist. Van 1920-1933 was hij de dirigent van het Hallé Orchestra. Eerdere posts van Harty op mijn blogs vindt u hier en hier. Ook op de geweldige blog van The Shellackophile zijn prachtige opnamen van Harty te vinden. 
We horen hem hier in een opname uit 1926 van de Haffner-symfonie van Mozart.

Sir Hamilton Harty
Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart: Symfonie no.35 in D KV 385 "Haffner"
1  allegro con spirito    5:55
2  andante    7:09
3  menuetto + trio    3:38
4  finale (presto)    3:59
Hallé Orchestra o.l.v. Sir Hamilton Harty
78t 30 cm: Columbia L 1783-5   WAX 1402-7
Opname 23+24 - 03 - 1926

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  1. I'm surprised no-one has anything to say about this recording!! First, thank you! Harty is not a great conductor but he did produce interesting records; I don't think I can remember hearing a slow movement like his one in the Haffner! A very slow tempo, which the orchestra seems rather uncertain about - maybe his stick technique was a bit like Gergiev's?! - but also very flexible, with lots of accel & ritard. Not perhaps a great recording but certainly interesting, and worth hearing again. Thanks ofr making it available, from what sounds like pretty difficult source material!