zaterdag 23 april 2011

Eugene Goossens 4 Col. + Eugène Goosens Sr: Edison Bell

Een vroeg-elektrische opname (Edison Bell 706) van Eugène Goossens II (1867-1958)! (zie commentaar van CharmNick hieronder) en een akoestische (Columbia 921) van Eugene Goossens III (1893-1962)

Alle posts op mijn blog van Eugene III vind je hier

Boieldieu (1775-1834) componeerde de opera "Le Calife de Bagdad" in 1800.
Chabrier (1841-1894) componeerde de Habanera in 1885.

Weet iemand de precieze opnamedata? CHARM Database geeft geen uitsluitsel.

1  François-Adrien Boieldieu: "Le Calife de Bagdad": ouverture   3:51
2  Emmanuel Chabrier: Habanera   3:20
    London Symphony Orchestra o.l.v. Eugene Goossens
    78t 30 cm: Columbia 921 (75135/47)

3  Ludwig van Beethoven: "Leonore" Ouverture no.3   8:26
    Royal Symphony Orchestra o.l.v. Eugene Goossens Sr.
    78t 30 cm: Edison Bell VF 706  (1675/6)

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6 opmerkingen:

  1. Fantastic, thank you again - I can't wait to hear these! Nick

  2. I've just looked more closely at your label scans - the Velvet Face record is conducted by Eugene Goossens II, also known (as here) as 'Senior' (1867-1958)! This record was reviewed by Capt. H.T. Barnett in The Gramophone in May 1927, see: 1927/25/817466/

    All the best, Nick

  3. That's nice! Good research! Wikipedia said "Eugene Goossens: Four Conceits, Op.20 (~1917-1918), Goossens' Orchestra, cond. Eugene Goossens. Edison Bell 'Velvet-Face' 1042 (10" (25cm) 78 rpm), masters 7325, 7326. Issued circa September 1922." in the biography about E.Goossens III so I thought it's Eugene III. Nice to hear a recording from Eugene II! Thanks again.

  4. Yes, Eugene Junior also recorded for Edison Bell; by 1927 he had left for the USA. Eugene Senior made other records - the best known is Columbia's complete Pagliacci in 1927. It's great to have this of his. Best wishes, Nick

  5. Dear Nick, 2 questions: did Eugene Goossens I made records? And how is to distinguish which Eugene Goossens is conducting?

  6. Hi Rolf, Sorry not to answer earlier! I'm not an expert but I don't think Eugene Goossens I recorded (he died in 1906). I will try to check. Usually, a record of Eugene Goossens II will say 'Eugene Goossens, Senr.' or 'Snr.' or something like that. If it says nothing after the surname it's more likely to tbe EG III. Again, I will check. All the best, Nick