woensdag 9 maart 2011

Szymon Goldberg, Gerald Moore: Händel (Parl. Odeon, 1947)

Szymon Goldberg (1909-1993), Pools violist en dirigent, kwamen we al op m'n andere blog tegen als dirigent van het Nederlands Kamerorkest. Daar is ook veel informatie over hem te lezen. Hier horen we hem, begeleid door Gerald Moore, in een Händel vioolsonate, opgenomen in 1947.

Szymon Goldberg

Georg Friedrich Händel: Vioolsonate in D op.1 no.13 HWV 371
1  adagio   3:51
2  allegro   2:40
3  larghetto   4:10
4  allegro   2:49
Szymon Goldberg, viool; Gerald Moore, piano
78t 30 cm: Parlophone-Odeon PXO 1043-4   (CXE 11899-11901)
Opname 06-05-1947
Totale tijd: 13:30

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  1. Just thrilled that you posted this! What a performance!! (Not enough exclamation marks?). I have been listening to many Goldberg "live" performances in the 8cd Music & Arts Centenary edition - really phenomenal playing! - The discography in that set reveals that there are still many things which haven't been reissued (or were only issued in a really unavailable Japanese set). Well, I'll keep looking!
    Again, much thanks from over here,
    David Mendes

  2. Thank you! As far as I know, this is Handel's Sonata in D Op.1 No.13 HWV 371

    Best wishes, Nick

  3. Thanks again for the information, Nick! I completed the info in the post.

  4. Please reupload as the links on mediafire has expired.Thanks.