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Trio Pasquier 1: Beethoven op.9 no.3 (Pathé, 1934)

Het Trio Pasquier werd in 1927 opgericht en bestond uit 3 broers:
Jean Pasquier (1904-1992), viool
Pierre Pasquier (1902-1986), altviool
Etienne Pasquier, cello. 
Het trio bestond meer dan 40 jaar en bracht veel eigentijdse composities in première, o.a. van Martinu, Roussel, Milhaud, Jolivet en Françaix. De cellist Etienne Pasquier zat in 1941 in hetzelfde gevangenkamp als Olivier Messiaen en deed mee aan de oer-uitvoering van het beroemde "Quatuor pour la fin du temps" van Messiaen. 
De Quintet Serenade op.30 van Albert Roussel is hier te horen in een opname uit 1948. Het Trio Pasquier wordt in deze opname aangevuld met Jean-Pierre Rampal, fluit en Odette le Dentu, harp. 
In deze post een opname uit 1934 van Beethoven's strijktrio op.9 no.3, verschenen op 3 Pathé 78t.platen.

Ludwig van Beethoven: Trio op.9 no.3
1  allegro con spirito   6:28
2  adagio con espressione   8:15
3  scherzo - allegro molto e vivace   3:14
4  finale - presto   4:14
Trio Pasquier
78t 30 cm: Pathé PAT 7-9  
CPTX 29-1, 30-1, 31-1, 32-2, 33-1, 34-1
Opname 28-04-1934

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  1. Fantastic, thank you! Wonderful work, fine performance, nice transfer, everything's perfect! Nick

  2. Satyr-

    You are on fire with these chamber music
    uploads! Thanks very much and please keep
    them coming.

  3. Satyr,
    Thanks so much for this recording -- and the many, many other treasures you've posted in excellent transfers. I'm particularly enjoying this one, as I've been listening to the Op. 9 trios quite a bit recently. The Pasquiers' perfect ensemble and light touch seem just right to me. I look forward to more!

  4. Satyr,
    Superb, excellent, fascinating! Thank you!
    in Haste,

  5. Hello again, I've listened to this several times, it really is very good! But I'm sorry, I've been meaning to point out a small editing error in the first movement: at the side-join, the first violin's single solo chord (bar 103, downbeat) is repeated (3:00 and 3:04) - though it's a pity to lose one, I know, as they're both so well played! Nick

  6. I know - it was quite hard to make a smooth contact between the two, so I decided to join the sides the way our ancestors, who owned these records, have heard it :-)

  7. Good idea! Working on CHARM, I got used to listening to 78s un-joined-up and now I prefer it! Thanks again, Nick