zaterdag 1 januari 2011

Fritz Stiedry: Mozart serenade 'Gran Partita' KV361 (Parlophone, 1928-9)

Fritz Stiedry (1883-1968): Oostenrijks dirigent en componist. Afgestudeerd jurist.
1907: assistent van Mahler in Vienna Court Oper
1913: Kassel
1914-1923: Opera Berlijn
1924: Volksoper Wenen (opvolger van Felix Weingartner)
1928-1933: muzikaal directeur van Städtische Oper Berlin (opvolger van Bruno Walter)
1933: vertrek uit Duitsland
1934-1937: Leningrad Ph.O.
1937: vertrek naar de Verenigde Staten.
1938: New Friends of Music (Bach Haydn Mozart, première Schönberg 2e kamersymfonie
1945-1946; Chicago Opera
1946-1958: Metropolitan Opera
1947: Glyndebourne
Meer info over Fritz Stiedry op Wikipedia (Engels) en (Engels).

Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart: Serenade no.10 voor 13 blaasinstrumenten 
"Gran Partita" in Bes KV 361
1  largo – molto allegro
2  menuetto
3  adagio
4  menuetto – allegretto
5  romance – adagio
6  tema con variazioni
6  finale – molto allegro
Blazers van de Opera van Berlijn o.l.v. Fritz Stiedry
78t 30 cm: Parlophone P 57071-2  (2-21150~1; 21181~2)
Opname 21-12-1928; 18-01-1929
Tijd: 16:14

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  1. Wonderful, a brilliant New Year's present, something I've long wanted to hear, many thanks for your generous and imaginative posts and Happy New Year to you!

  2. Impressive!!! Now that is really, really rare isn't it?

    There are a number of "lost" Gran Partita recordings that I have considered uploading -- Bläser der Wiener Philharmoniker from Nixa; Ansermet; etc. -- but this one takes the cake.

    Prosit Neujahr und guten Rutsch! as Mozart might have said it.

  3. Once again, belatedly, many thanks for this lovely set which has still never been digitized by anyone else, as far as I know.

    Belatedly also, I've checked it against a score, so here is a summary side analysis (there are extra little cuts here and there):

    P 57.071, mtx 21.150 (i) Largo; Molto allegro [as 'Allegro molto'], part 1
    P 57.071, mtx 21.151 (i) Molto allegro, part 2; (ii) Menuetto (NB Trio I only)
    recorded 21-Dec-28

    P 57.072, mtx 21.181 (v) Romanze: Adagio
    P 57.071, mtx 21.182 (iv) Menuetto: Allegretto (NB with (ii) Trio II dropped in); (vii) Rondo: Molto allegro (all sections once through only)
    recorded 18-Jan-29

    Thanks again and best wishes,


    1. Hi Nick, thanks for this complemental information! Great!