donderdag 28 oktober 2010

Albert Wolff 4: Debussy, Rimsky-Korsakov, Moussorgsky, Méhul (Polydor, 1929-1931)

Een vierde post met Polydor 78t.platen van de Franse dirigent Albert Wolff (1884-1970), die van 1928-1934 eerste dirigent van de Association des Concerts Lamoureux de Paris was.

1  Claude Debussy: Prélude à l'après-midi d'un faune   8:27
    met Jean Boulze, fluit
    78t 30 cm: Polydor 66892   (B 21183-4)   1694/5 BM
    Opname 1929

2  Claude Debussy: Nocturne no.1: Nuages   7:28
    78t 30 cm: Polydor 66989   (F 20095/6)   1858 / 1859½ BMP
    Opname 1930

3  Nicolai Rimsky-Korsakoff: "Le coq d'or": Cortège de noces   3:06
    78t 30 cm: Polydor 670010 B (1714 BM)
    Opname 1929

4  Modest Moussorgsky: Une nuit sur le Mont-Chauve   9:30
    78t 30 cm: Polydor 566006 (A/B) (1715½; 1716 BM)
    Opname 1929

5  Étienne Méhul: "Jeune Henri": Ouverture   9:55
    78t 30 cm: Polydor 67026 (F 20128/9  2020/1 BMP)
    Opname 1931

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  1. More Wolff - this is terrific. Very much looking forward to hearing these.

  2. Thanks a lot for this series of Albert Wolff's 78s. Do you know this 4-CD set?
    It contains all his recordings of French music with the Lamoureux Orchestra, but it exludes his performances of Rimsky / Mussorgsky you transferred.

  3. I know this set but it's only second hand to buy I think... There's also a Wolff CD on the label Testament with music from Massenet a.o.

  4. I think it's still in print. Try (1 in stock) or .de (2 in stock), ASIN=B0000285H5.

    Thanks again for this blog,


  5. Dear Benoît, I ordered the Wolff set and I'm very glad- the sound is terrific! The set excludes also the Franck symphony, so that's an upload I will do someday :-)

  6. Hello! Great upload, and wonderful blog in general!
    The link is broken, do you think you could repost?
    I love Wolff's recording of the Prelude...

  7. Wow, that was fast! I find it astonishing how clear his rendition of the Prelude is, how simple and coherent it is. Thanks again, your work really contributes a lot to my work as a musician!